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What do you think?

2016-10-24 00:20:00 by Awesomexboy3000

I work hard everyday to make you guys the best music I can give you! XD

So... I'm curious, what is you favorite song I've made? Reply to this comment to tell me and I'll count up the votes! That song will be the winner and will be featured on SoundCloud and my YouTube channels, ya... that's right, I got another YouTube channel! Don't worry though, I'm not that guy who's gonna have 10 YouTube channels for 10 different things ,'o ! 

So... don't forget to reply and cast your vote by saying #vote123(whatever song it is in caps with no peranthises)

And... new YouTube channel!


This is being typed September 7 2017,

My second channel is now deleted if any of you are wondering... I didnt want to delete this comment of mine because mostly I still want to see your votes but also because its a good memory to have.

back n' business

2016-08-29 10:04:33 by Awesomexboy3000

I'm back in business with my music! So a new song to celebrate will be coming out soon!


And it's already out!